Faith for House Parents and New Kids

Sometimes faith means doing what you sense God wants you to do, even before the money is there. In the case of these four individuals, that’s what we did. Before we tell their stories, we want you to be aware of this urgent and real need we have. Faith Village is now lacking $500/month for this couple and these two children. We took them in on faith, and we still hold that God brought them to us for such a time as this, and we are thankful! But this monthly need is great, and we ask you to hear these stories and pray how you might help.🙏 Hear their stories 👇

First, we want to tell you about the new Faith Village house parents. Wallapong was at Faith Village as a kid and was good friends with Shan. They grew up catching bugs, building forts, and getting into trouble together. He and his wife Lek have been married for almost three years, serving together in a remote village. They love children and have a passion to disciple and care for kids, especially those without parents. Almost two years ago now we got reacquainted with them and heard their hearts, and knew immediately we wanted to hire them whenever they could come. Their monthly salary was higher than we could afford, but we knew they were exactly what Faith Village needed. So this year, when their contract ended with their previous work, they came to work for us! They are worth much more than what we have promised to pay them, but even still we lack enough to pay them that small amount. But their hearts are for the kids, so they came on faith, just as we hired them on faith!

The two little boys we got two months ago were also on faith. We didn’t have any excess funds for extra kids. But one day, as one of our staff members was picking up one of our boys from a trip to his village, he met a relative of one of our boys. His mother had remarried a man who abused this young boy and wanted nothing to do with him. Tee, six years old, when offered a chance to come to Faith Village, jumped at the opportunity. Our staff member said he had never seen a child so eager to leave his home. As our staff member was still in this village, he got news of another child and decided to go investigate the case first hand.

When he got to the village, he was led to a house by a neighbor who was feeding the young boy there. He was with his terminally ill father, who was bed-ridden and could not care for 5 year-old Ken. Ken’s mom was in jail. There were indications of neglect, starvation, and possibly drug use to curb hunger. We want to include this story from Shan’s sister, Misty, who leads a time of worship each Tuesday, teaching the kids how to lead worship themselves and pray over each other. This is about Ken, in Misty’s words:

“Shortly after he arrived, the kids requested we pray for him because he was seeing evil spirits and having bad dreams. I had the kids lay hands on him for 2 consecutive weeks and also grabbed him up and sang over him one night. He seemed to settle in that and clung to me not to stop. We confirmed tonight that he has stopped being visited by spirits and is no longer having bad dreams. God is good!”

If you took the time to read this entire post, thank you! The need is great, but our God is greater. We’re so thankful that he has brought Wallapong, Lek, Tee, and Ken to Faith Village. If you feel led to give monthly towards their needs, you can give at and select “Faith Village.” Here’s to continuing seeing lives changed, hope restored, and smiles on every face! 😊

Update as of August 26, 2021: We received funding for Wallapong and Lek and Ken and Tee for 1 year. Though our monthly funding is still at the same level, we are thankful for this one-time gift that enables us to provide for their needs for one year!


Kid’s Vacation

But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us. Ephesians2:4 We are thankful for the love of God!

We have had such a great time in the month of July, even though the children’s school has been postponed for another month due to COVID lockdowns. We were still able to take a great holiday. The children enjoyed participating in many activities, such as bike riding, swimming, BB-guns, and hot-pot dinners.

Over this past month we have prepared the land for planting, prepared a place to raise chickens and we have started growing vegetables in our fields. Every night we enjoy worship and prayer with the kids. We continually pray for each other and for your support! At the end of each prayer night we ask the children what they are thankful for. The children always thank God for bringing them to Faith Village and for the food they get to eat each day. Every day, we see more and more smiles on our kids’ faces!

Here are some photos of the vacation and farming! See below for ways to pray for us!

1. Pray that the children will be able to go back to school soon

2. Pray for khamKong and Aleerut who will be graduating this year, that God will reveal his plan to them.

3. Pray for a plentiful harvest to come from our new farming adventure!