Get Involved – How to Sponsor a Child

Sponsoring works to build a stable and lasting loving family feel at Faith Village Children’s Home, where children can grow and thrive. Your sponsorship gifts help the children and their caretakers to get access to important basic needs like clean water, food, healthcare, education, and more. Once the children become young adults, your sponsorship also helps the children transition into vocational school, Bible school, or further education, so they can obtain a job and provide for their future families!  Sponsoring the children of Faith Village Children’s Home not only provides for their immediate needs, it also prepares them for a bright future!

Through Trumpets of Christ International, Faith Village has been able to rescue and assist children from all sorts of circumstances. For the past 20 years, Faith Village Children’s Home has rescued children that are orphaned, abused, trafficked, or in danger of being trafficked.

  • Have a lasting impact on a child’s life, knowing that your gift protects them from a dangerous situation and gives them hope for a bright future!
  • The opportunity to write letters or email the children and receive a letter back once a year
  • Monthly updates that include pictures and stories about the children and ministry in Thailand
  • Updated picture and information about a child once a year

Though the number of children at Faith Village varies, we know it takes about $300 a month to sponsor a single child.   With whatever size monthly gift you give, it greatly improves the housing, food, schooling, and clothing for the children at Faith Village.

Our children are raised in a family-like environment.  Because we live in such a close knit community, we do not allow individualized gifts or special treatment of one child over another.  Your gifts and letters are read to the entire group, which encourages all the children!  With this, we believe your impact is going further than just one child.

Though the children will know they are sponsored, they will never know the identity of their sponsor.  We keep this anonymity to protect our children from further hurt or disappointment should your sponsorship need to stop.  Most of our children have lost loved ones in the past, and should you be unable to continue your support, we want to protect our children from further hurt.  We know you want the best for the children, and trust you will help us uphold this policy.

Your prayers and financial support are going a long ways towards giving Faith Village children a stable home to grow up in, education, and hope for a bright future!  We could not do this without people like you!  Thank you!

There are instances where a sponsored child may leave unexpectedly.  We will do our best to inform you of the change, and hope that you will consider sponsoring another Faith Village child!  These are some of the possible reasons for the move:

  • We had been led to believe the family and relatives that the child had no parents, but their parents suddenly appear and want their child back.
  • The child is 16 years of age and is a bad influence or endangering the other children.  In this case, we will find him another children’s home or residence.
  • The abusive situation from which the child came has improved, and the child can now safely return to their home.

If you have decided to sponsor a child monthly at TCI Children’s Home, please visit our Giving page, selection “Sponsor a Child,” type the amount you’d like to give, and choose “monthly” in the subscription section.

If you would like to make a special one-time gift towards the children’s home, please visit our Children’s Home Page and select “donate now.”

Thank you for your support!  You are making a difference in the lives of precious children!

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