Our Kids

Martin is an active little toddler who loves trucks, cars, and anything with wheels!  His favorite song at the moment is “Wheels on the Bus.”  His favorite foods are bread and fried rice, and his favorite activity is playing in the water!


Age 4

Gawn’s favorite color is green, and his favorite subject in school right now is Thai language.  He likes to play Takraw, a traditional Thai sport played with your feet.  He recently tried pizza for the first time and said it’s his favorite food!


Age 6

Bai is a friendly six-year-old who loves riding his bike and coloring.  His favorite food is spaghetti, and when he gets older he wants to be a pilot! He also loves to worship God through song!


Age 7

Surakit is a lively little boy!  He loves playing with toys and chatting with his older brothers and sisters.  His favorite colors are the Christmas colors: green and red.  He likes superman and eating fried rice.  When he grows up he wants to work at a church!


Age 9

Pon is a protective older brother to Gawn.  In school, he loves to learn English.  His favorite color is yellow and favorite food is grilled chicken!  Right now, he is loving to learn to play the guitar!


Age 8

Song is Akom’s younger brother.  He has a ready, goofy grin, and loves to hang out with his friends.  His favorite color is green and his favorite movie is Percy Jackson.  He likes to study history in school, and play football in his free time.


Age 15

Tee is one of the newest boys to Faith Village. He loves to play with remote-control cars and help the older kids with farming. He loves meat but his favorite is anything really spicy!


Age 7

Cartoon (nickname Toon) loves to swim and play with his friends and enjoys coloring at school.  His favorite color is red, favorite movie is Percy Jackson, favorite subject is science, and his favorite sport is soccer. When he gets older, he wants to play the Thai sport takraw professionally.


Age 15

Dao came to us in spring of 2016.  She is a sweet-spirited girl with a gentle spirit and sweet smile!  She loves playing with animals and playing badminton.  Her favorite thing to eat is fish.  Her favorite subject in school is math, but she’d like to be a tour guide when she grows up!


Age 14

Ken is one of the newest children to Faith Village. He loves to play soccer, watch TV, do puzzles, and play on the skateboard. He loves any kind of meat, but especially fried chicken from KFC!


Age 6

Akom is fun and smiley and loves fried chicken from KFC.  He is a very good student — quick to learn anything you teach him!  He likes to sing and play drums. Akom wants to be a football coach when he grows up. His favorite color is yellow, and his favorite BPL team is the Tottenham Hotspurs.


Age 17

Jai is a natural leader and good example for the younger ones. He enjoys Thai Language class but is also interested in learning English. His favorite soccer team is Real Madrid, and he hopes one day to visit England. He likes to play the bass and wants to be a mechanic when he grows up!


Age 17

Kham Kong’s favorite subjects to study are math and English, but she learns most new things quickly. She enjoys exercising outside by walking and playing volleyball, and also draws in her free time. Kham Kong enjoys eating green curry and watching musicals.  KK graduates this year, and plans to study English Communications at university.

Kham Kong

Age 19

Aleerut enjoys hanging out with her best friend Kham Kong.  Her favorite sport is the Thai sport called takraw.  She enjoys watching cartoons, playing card and board games, and being active.  Aleerut graduated this year, and plans to study English Communications at university.


Age 18

Lod is a brave young man. His mother is crippled and unable to find work to provide, so Lod came to live with us. From the start, he was determined to make friends, even though they don’t speak the same language! Lod loves playing on the playground, eating fried chicken, and playing football!


Age 9

Ying is a shy girl, but she loves playing hide & seek and playing on the playground with her friends.  She likes dressing up, especially in the color red.  She likes to eat noodles and ice cream, and Thai language is her favorite subject in school!


Age 9

Samson found Faith Village through our church, after being raised as a foster child for many years. He made friends with the children at Faith Village at church, and since moving, has enjoying spending even more time with them!  He loves eating hot pot dinners and playing football, and wants to be a mechanic when he grows up!


Age 14

Sang Na was forced to work at a young age instead of going to school. After coming to us to escape from an abusive situation, she is excited to be studying again and being a kid! She likes to play soccer, hang out with friends, and eat chicken rice in her spare time!

Sang Na

Age 13

Pat is a shy boy, but when he’s with his friends he gets more talkative!  He likes looking for birds, picking mangos, and making toys out of wood!  His favorite color is blue, and he likes gym class at school!


Age 9

Worada is a friendly, talented girl who likes baking and studying English!  She hopes one day to study more, and use her communication skills in English and Chinese!


Age 17

Gawn likes eating all kinds of special food, especially red pork.  After he goes hunting for fish and snails, he likes to cook those up with his friends too!  His favorite sport is badminton, and he likes studying science at school.  He also likes playing football and hide & seek with his friends.

Gawn Yai

Age 14

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